About me

Welcome to xtendo.org, XT’s personal website.

I’m a namer/engineer living in South Korea. I started programming in 1995. I started getting paid for it since 2008. I’m in Haskell-KR, a Haskellers’ group in South Korea. Until recently I worked at LINE, the mobile messenger company, where I held a Haskell boot camp.

I speak three human languages (English, Japanese, and Korean).

My life is indebted to so many goodwill, so I maintain this web site hoping some people might find the information useful. Feel free to have a look around.

XT the Namer

“My bad. Let’s just stick to the old way. Name doesn’t matter, it’s just for telling a person from another.”

“No, that’s not true. A person’s name is more than a mere proper noun. The name itself is me.”

The Season of L

I am a namer. Upon contemplating the profound truth of the Universe, my insight pierces through the exterior of each entity, and reaches the essence linked to the perfect phrase – with which I name things like cats.

XT’s naming service is commercially available.